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"Teach the student first, the music second, and the piano third." -Francis Clark

I am honored to teach young beginners, continuing intermediate students, and advanced pupils. I enjoy working with adult students who are eager to explore music for the first time and those who wish to rekindle the joy of music that was established many years ago. 


As a dedicated teacher, I whole-heartedly wish to "meet students where they are" in their musical journey. I hope to discover the student's learning style, to integrate their family support system, and to ultimately instill a genuine appreciation of music.

In order to discover either mastery or personal enrichment, a strong support system provided by family and caring educators is at the heart of pursuing music. Through the experience of attentive practice, sincere guidance, and performance preparation, many students will establish closer relationships with their families and teachers.  


The act of pursuing music in order to master its challenges is one of many rewards available to a student eager to delve into music. I believe that the experience of learning music is a celebration of humanity that allows all persons to explore expression, artistic value, and tradition. Through musical study, I wish to provide my students with a sense of individuality, artistic expression, and the desire to discover how music may help to enrich their lives. 


Above all, I strive to foster a musical community that will associate the “piano lesson” with a sense of creativity, exploration, and personal fulfillment.

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